So I made a flashlight

Ever wonder how a flashlight is built.  Here’s how I built mine:

The first thing a flashlight needs is a lens

Let’s give it something to look at

but what does it see?

maybe we should make it transparent?

but no real lens is that clean.  Maybe it has finger prints?

maybe not that bad?

perhaps it’s dirty?

It’s both:

What’s behind the lens?  A reflector

what does that look like?

Isn’t there a light inside that reflector?

From another angle:

let’s protect the lens:

What color is this flashlight, anyway?

it’s dirty too:

and it has a logo:

Doesn’t it need something to attach to?

It’s red too:

and easy to grip:

and dirty:

But wait. Don’t we need a barrel?

that’s red:

with a grip:

and dirt of it’s own:

and a button

that’s black

and to finish it up, a tail cap

yup, it’s dirty

Let’s give it some place to sit

that looks less like an operating table

and isn’t just a side on view

how about some sun light?

and something reflecting the sun back at the lens:

That looks OK. Let’s take its picture and see what we think

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